Kitchen crew
Event manager

Once upon a time there was a little piece in Pacociao where people play the best music in the business
and where every day is a party.
It's the place where the best DJ talents emerge, but from where you can also find new ones
discover talents,
From the dishes you can grow into the DJ jet set life, but also as a rising star in the
start operation. Or are you completely under the spell of the pans, the grill and the kitchen humor
and you grow that way.
From the dishes you can watch everything and learn the special people of Paco ciao
know. And then it's up to you to decide whether you still want to wash the dishes after all
those cozy hours at the best foam party in town.

Who are we looking for?

X You, your best friends, your fellow students, your roommates or your neighbors! Everyone from 16 years old is
X Someone who is looking for his first hospitality job, or is looking for his next one
X Basically just someone who can handle water, soapy water and a washing-up brush.
Don't worry, we have a rinsing machine, so it's something completely different already at home the
have to do the dishes!

What do we offer?
X First things first, MONEY!
X A workplace with a view of all aspects that the hospitality industry has to offer
X A warm bubble bath with nice colleagues
X The best music in Leiden, because you decide what is played!

How can we be reached?
Don't worry you don't have to quickly create your resume in Word now, we just ask you
fill out the form below!
We've even helped you a bit on your way, because we've already ticked dishes.